Service of Process

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Service of Process

Service of Process is when legal documents such as summonses, complaints, subpoenas, writs and other court documents are delivered to the person required to respond to them.  In the case of the University, specific offices have been designated to receive such legal documents.

Service of Process

If you wish to serve a summons or complaint to the University of California, please refer to the following document:

     Service of Process on the Regents of the University of California

If you wish to serve a subpoena to the University of California, the process is as follows:

Subpoena for university records

A subpoena duces tecum or a deposition subpoena is served upon the “custodian” of the required records.  The Registrar has been delegated responsibility to respond to their department’s subpoenaed university records.  Additionally, the police department has been delegated responsibility to respond to their department's subpoenas for police officer personal appearance.  All other units must direct the process server to serve the subpoena to the Chancellor’s Office for response on behalf of the campus.  If you have any questions about accepting a subpoena contact Information Practices in the Chancellor’s Office (831) 459-4003 or Campus Counsel’s Office (831) 459-1848.

Subpoena for named individual

A subpoena may be served upon an individual person named in the subpoena.  If the named individual is available, allow the person to accept service.  If the named individual is unavailable, a 'person obviously in charge' can accept service.

What if The Regents are named in the subpoena?

Campus personnel are not authorized to accept Subpoenas (or Summonses) on behalf of “The Regents”; nor when The Regents or University is named as the defendant.  Inform the process server the subpoena should be directed to UC Office of General Counsel for service at the following address:

     General Counsel of The Regents 
     Office of the General Counsel of The Regents 
     1111 Franklin Street, 8th Floor 
     Oakland, California 94607-5200

If a subpoena is addressed to The Regents but specifies records that are held locally, please contact Information Practices (459-4003).  If you need assistance you may direct the server to the Chancellor’s Office (459-2058).  Alternatively, you may contact the Office of Campus Counsel at (831) 459-1848.

Public Records Requests

If you wish to make a Public Records Request, please refer to: How to Make a Request.